Clerics of Amn: Keepers of the Peace

Amn is a place that respects both the Arcane and the Divine; especially the Divine. Where unknown and outsiders who practice the magical arts are viewed with suspicion and MUST be registered and controlled, Clerics and Paladins are welcome and, even, celebrated. Read more about the details of the setting of Amn HERE.

In order to keep the peace, the Arcane spellcasters must police the streets and even hunt down the unregistered. Given their respect of those who hail from the many churches accepted in Amn, it goes to reason that these Arcane police would accept any help from the many temples they can get. And this trickles down…or up as it is.

The special forces of House Selemchant are the elite of the elite and not to be trifled with. Vicious Chain Wizards lead teams to hunt down and apprehend those who cast spells without authorization. Many of the highest orders of several churches have found their place among these bastions of order. Unfortunately, the higher up the ladder they go, the more volatile they are. They range from the most holy and upright to the reckless and downright unhinged. They are allowed these eccentricities as long as they find value to the leading house, Selemchant.


Long ago, a noble family whose name has been lost to history fell under the curse of Lycanthropy. The stories vary from region to region how this curse was acquired in the first place, but the truth remains that those that survived became known as the Silvermanes for lack of a better name.

They took this name because all of their descendants passed on the curse of the Werewolf from generation to generation and, when they took wolf or hybrid form, their fur was a moonlit white. The Silvermanes say that this was the blessing of Lady Silver, Silune herself. Early on, these ‘cursed beings’ found the curse (which they acquired through birth) extremely difficult to be rid of. After the struggle of descendant to descendant, the Silvermanes came to grips with the beastial nature they were born with.

They did this through the rigors and devotion to the Moonmaiden, Selune, herself. It was through the loving and dedicated clergy of the Selunite church that they were able to, not only control the beast, but become clerical warriors within the church themselves. The Silvermanes were honored and decorated champions of justice all along the Sword Coast and beyond.

So, we’re not sure what happened to Warrum Thaller Silvermane.

Warrum was a zealous figure in the church and soon began to unnerve the compassionate caretakers of the faith. It was especially concerning to his family and the clergy when he began to take up with a fanatical upshot that people called The Lunatics and for good reason.

Pics from the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons comic picturing ‘the Lunatics’

These Lunatics were called this for their erratic behavior, but they called themselves Swords of the Lady. They were an ancient order existing since ancient Nethril who were known for their willingness to die for their faith, their nonchalance in battle and their vehement reactions to any news of Shar or her followers whereabouts or actions.

Warrum found himself in Amn chasing news that Shar radicals were present and soon joined up with Lady Selemchant’s Cowled Wizards in an effort to quell chaos wherever it leered its ugly head. He has since been an indispensable asset for the House as he obeys orders without question and relishes in hunting down and extinguishing evil and chaos in all its forms. He feels that doing so balances what little chaos his family line or lycanthropes like him have wrought.

His affinity for the moon and its phases drew him into the domain of Twilight. As much a horror that he is, his focus is on stopping evil so that the peace can be sustained. Despite the fact that he’s willing to outright run down, maim or kill anyone breaking the law, he believes he is serving the public good. And the Cowled Wizards have put his particular skills to good use. He is the personal cleric of the High Chain Wizard, Raskin Bascayle, who serves directly in House Selemchant and keeps the whole Cowled Wizard organization running like a fine tuned machine that he alone has eyes on all facets of the order.

His spells as a Twilight domain cleric are perfect for keeping the Chain Wizard and his support up and fighting; protecting and empowering them as they fight. Sleep, Mislead and his ability to See Invisibility aid the team well. On top of that Circle of Power, Aura of both Life and Vitality power the team. All while staying invisible with Greater Invisibility which is great in a fight.

His darkvision of 300 feet can be shared with the Chain Wizard, Bascayle, and his support. That, giving advantage on initiative, healing and protecting all his allies against being charmed or frightened, the ability to fly and extra damage make Warrum a dangerous addition to the team.


Prevalent across the Sword Coast are the rent-a-cleric/paladin practices of the Church of Helm. Like the ever watchful eye that is the god of guardian’s symbol, it’s just that; a bastion of body guards, watchmen and knights of the most alert order.

The symbol of HELM (Thank you,

Many orders of knights rose from the ranks of Helm’s clerics. But none so diligent as the Everwatch Knights. True to their name as guardians and their god as the god of guardians, they actually hired body guards out to raise money for the church.

Wayson Kering was one such hireling that has proven himself time and time again as an apt bodyguard. He has taken many an arrow as well as the point of the sword in the name of protecting his ward. Once again, the fact that he never questions things as long as he is in the pursuit and destruction of ‘evil’ (you know, the customer is always right) appeals to the Cowled Wizards.

The Paladin, Wayson Kering (pic from Pinterest)

Upholding an Oath of Devotion brings a good bit of protection spells like Protection from good/evil, Lesser Restoration (fix conditions), Sanctuary (protect the Chain Wizard), Beacon of Hope (up Wisdom saves) and Freedom of Movement to keep the troop moving. Plus, if you need the truth, Zone of Truth. Dispel Magic comes in handy against wizards. Plus, toward the later levels, offensive spells like Guardian of Faith and Flamestrike come in handy if deadly force is necessary.

Sir Kering, as he likes to be addressed, seems a bit oblivious to the true goings either on purpose or by years of training to just go along to get along. But the Cowled Wizards and, especially, the Chain Wizards are careful to not expose him to potentially ethical sinkholes. Kering has become a useful weapon in the war against unsanctioned magic in Amn which can simply be pointed and fired.


Amn is one of the few places that the worshipers of Cyric can do so openly. And it does so much more than just happen, it thrives. In fact, one of the greatest public temples to Cryic lies along the southern border of Amn with Tethyr.

The Twin Towers of the Eternal Eclipse houses some of the outright most powerful faithful of Cyric’s church. And, seeing as this twisted, dark church churns out some of the darkest cutthroats and killers in Faerun, it shouldn’t surprise us to find some of their ilk working for the Selemcant Cell of the Chain Wizards.

In fact, Lady Selemcant has hand picked those faithful with the brightest (?) future. And it just so happens to be twins. Born in the dark Twin Towers (some say DURING an eclipse), the Blackwill Twins were named for the greatest clergy who ever led this hotbed of darkness, Blackwill Haarken Akhmelere and they were given the very best (or worst?) of educations. SO, they of course, became dangerous assassins and a vast asset of the Chain Wizards.

Art by Cyberaeon on Deviantart (appropriately named Twins)

No one remembers their original names or he parents that spawned them. Some say the mother died in childbirth and the father ran in fear. More than likely, these two hellions simply overshadowed them both in the vastness of their dark sun. Krivell and Arolina Blackwill wish for nothing more than pleasing their god with the most violent of devotion.

Both have been raised as part of the Ebon Spurs. But, much like the two siblings, after the fall of their greatest leaders over a hundred years ago, any leaders of the two factions (The Black Helm and The Purple Lancers) going forward bickered more than their legendary leaders of the past. Some say it’s only this infighting that keeps them from becoming a massivly, dark force in Amn.

The Blackwill Twins are still young, but dangerous. Many hope one or both will grow up to take the reins of the organization taking them to the heights they deserve. Arolina has been slowly taking the Ritual of the Dark Flames and weilds it with unholy power for someone so young, even a wizard. Krivell has taken control of the Shadow Thieves of Amn and has been slowly turning them into his own tool and plaything. Arolina continually tattles to Lady Selemchant of his tretchery, but, so far, it’s been no more than amusement for the queen.

Now Arolina’s dark abilities could be simply shifted to a Shadow Sorcerer or a reflavoring of either Storm Sorcerer or an Evocation Wizard. But I really like the versatility of the Divine Soul Sorcerer. My only tweak would be to allow her to turn radiant energy into necrotic in any spell that calls for the former. You could turn her into the ultimate hurt/heal cleric. And the visuals with all of the powering up that dark energy! Whoa!

Krivell is simple. Make him an Assassin or possibly the Mastermind.

What other cleric builds would be great companions to the Chain Wizards? Let us know in comments below or on our social media accounts!

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