My top 5 most wanted Secret Lairs

With a new secret lair coming out every week it seems, by the time you read this they may have already announced these secret lairs. But honestly, I doubt it. These are some of my personal wants for secret lairs. There has only been one to date that got me to buy it and that was the year of the rat one what seems like forever ago. I was trying to build a rat deck for commander and it was just perfect timing. But these 5 would more than likely get me to pull the trigger and buy one again. So let’s just jump into it.

1/ Todd McFarlane Art: As awesome as it would be to have cards with Spawn, Venom, or even his style of Batman, I would much rather love to have a set of 5-6 cards reimagined by Todd McFarlane. I would love to see him do cards like Bloodghast, The Scarab God, Mikaeus, and most of the Planeswalkers. It would be hard to choose between running them or just put them up in a display.

2/ Soulsborne: Honestly it is my favorite set of games ever and they could do no wrong with them, but if i had my way it would be a super drop with one for each game. Having one set from each game would earn a permanent spot on my wall and would be something no one coming to my house would not be shown. The art work would be amazing and the nostalgic connection to them would be perfect.

3/ TMNT: As someone who grew up watching the movies and cartoon series, this was an obvious include to me. It would be perfect if it was the four turtles and splinter and maybe an artifact that was the ooze. I would instantly start building a new EDH to showcase them and be smiling like a goon the entire time.

Hellboy: If you can’t tell by now, i grew up on comic books and video games. Hellboy would be so fun and to me would fit perfectly into the world of magic as is. Having the main character on a card would just be amazing. Make them Jeski in color and you could do all you needed to make them work.

HP Lovecraft: While the man himself may be a little too problematic to put his name on it but just call it Call of Cthulhu and we could get the same results. A land that was Dark Water and/or Arkham would be amazing. Of course put a few of the Great old ones in there. There are so many options with this one that honestly you could do a few of them. But just imagine all the Theros gods redone as Lovecraftian gods. 

Let me know in the comments below which ones would love to see. Are there any of the ones I named that would love to see too? You can also find us on social media and start a conversation there too. Thanks for taking the time to read of this list and we will talk to you soon.

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