Marvel Snap: Warriors of Wakanda

Marvel Snap as been my recent obsession and the new season just started! So I wanted to take a minute to show you all the new stuff you could get and and then what you can do with this amazing new card. While the season just dropped, people have been brewing some crazy decks already! So let’s jump into it.

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So first we will run through the basics of what comes with the new season pass if you decide to spend the $10 for it. (As a side note, if you love the game and play it regularly, the pass is easily worth $10 and is the best way to spend money on the game if you are going to.) At level one, so as soon as you unlock the pass, you get Black Panther. He is a 5 energy 6 power with an on reveal ability that doubles his power. This is a very nice ability and there are ways to break it wide open but we will get to that. At levels 8,27, 36, and 48 you will unlock a new variant to add to your collection. These are not limited to the warriors of Wakanda and could be any card variant. At 12,30, and 47 you will unlock the avatars for Nakia, Okoye and The Black Panther. You will also unlock variants for both of these cards along the way. At 44 you get a new card back with the Black Panthers helmet on it and at 50 you will of course get the variant for Black Panther. All of this and plenty of gold, credits, and boosters along the way. Definitely worth every penny!

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Now for how we will use this card! The strategy for this card is vastly different based on which pool of cards you are in. In the early days and pool 1 he easily slides right into an Odin deck. Allowing him to trigger twice brings him to a 20 power base for a 5 drop. This alone is decently powerful but you will need to have good tempo on the other locations to make sure you can win at least one other since both of you big hitters will be in the same location.

In pool 2 you will aim to up his power as much as you can and bring him down to handle a location all on his own. Using cards like Okoye, Nakia, and Forge we want to pump him up and make him as big as we can. Trying to get him to around a 16 drop for 5 energy. You could use cards like Bucky and Carnage to bring in more power and remove some of the lower power cards you are using to pump Black Panther. Odin still works here but he isn’t as necessary in pool 2.

Pool 3 is where the lid gets blown off of this card in some crazy ways. You can slide him into a Mr. Negative deck and make him a 10 for 4 energy on top of a 0 drop 5 power Iron man. There is also using him with Arnim Zola to erase him from one location but add a copy to both other locations and making that on reveal ability triggering again!  And I am sure by the time you read this there will be even more ways to bust this card and grind to the moon!

So what do you think about the new card and the season pass itself? Is this card something that will make you buy it or are you willing to wait for 2 months for the chance at him? Let me know in the comments and let me know if there’s anything else about Marvel Snap you would like to see us cover! Thanks for taking the time to read this and we will talk to you soon!

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