5 Marvel Snap cards I want to see

*Quick update: It seems Knull as been leaked and I was correct! he is indeed a six drop and has the power of all cards destroyed this game. Pair him with Death and its a match made in heaven! Click here to see the card!

If you have gone through the massive amount of cards in pool 3 then you know they have pulled some of the weirdest characters out for this game and I love it! But it got me thinking. Of all the options available, what are some cards that I would love to see. Then the more important question is what would they do. So here is 5 cards I would love to see added to Marvel Snap.

Post – This minion of Onslaught was made stronger thanks to a blood transfusion from Cable and one of the abilities it granted him was his T-O Armor Platelets that can detach from his body to block features. I would have him be a 5 energy 8 power card with an ongoing ability that he protects your highest power card from being destroyed. It would slot in to a lot of decks and give some protections from your opponent pulling Shang Chi on turn 6 killing your most powerful card.

Quentin Quire – Now this is by far my favorite X-Men ever. They already made Cyclopes (my second favorite) a card with no ability so this one has to be good. I would make him a 4 drop for 3 power that on reveal lowers all the enemies cards by 2 power. While powerful, its not something that can’t be overcome.

Knull – The king of the symbiotes is a powerful enemy to have. I would make him a 6 drop for 0 power but on reveal the gains the power of every card destroyed this game. This could be very powerful and swing a game easily but if the cards didn’t come your way it could be hard to still make sure you win one of the other locations.

Thunderbolt Ross – We for sure there has to be a way to turn him into the Red Hulk. To me he should be a 4 drop for 1 power and turns into the Red Hulk a 12 power card if the opponent plays a card with more than 9 power. This would be him needing to stop a larger threat and fit perfectly with the character if you ask me. But this could easily backfire.

Baron Zemo – The master manipulator himself. I would have him be a 6 drop for 2 power but on reveal takes the most powerful card your opponent has at that location to your side. If played correctly I think it could really to some damage but it is certainly high risk, high reward.

Now full disclosure, I am not a game developer and some of these cards may be too powerful or absolutely unplayable once I tried to slot them into decks but that’s half the fun of the exercise! Let me know in the comments what you think about them or what cards you would like to see added to the game! Thanks for taking the time to read this and we will talk to you soon!

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