Who will lead the charge for the March of the Machines?

With all the time heist shenanigans going on in the latest MTG story and assuming that Teferi is coming to use the Sylex on the Phyrexians once again, what is the end game? We already know the next set is called “Phyrexian: All is One” and to me that suggest that this set will be happening at the same time as Brothers War. Where Brothers War focused on Dominaria and their plans, this set will focus on Elesh Norn and her plans for “March of the Machines” which is coming soon. But what’s the fall out from Teferi messing with time? What is the possible unseen consequences from that? To me, there are two possibilities. So let’s talk about it.

image owned by WoTC

The first option is the rebirth of Atraxa. She will be be remade and possibly even be all 5 colors after a new red preator is named. This would give them the field general they would want for a full invasion of Dominaria. This seems like the more likely to me of the two options. With Karn seemingly being dead, The new Atraxa will be made from the bones of Urza’s greatest creation.

image owned by WoTC Artist: Noah Bradley

The second option, while my personal favorite, has admittedly a low percentage chance of being possible. What if through all the changes made in the past, while Urza still used the Sylex and brought on the ice age in Dominaria, what if this time part of Yawgmoth survived. What if the Phyrexian god is back and been doing nothing but plotting on Phyrexia for this entire time. What if the march of the machines is lead by the one that started it all. Come on, tell me you wouldn’t love to see it. I know I would

Now, down in the comments you feel free to tell me how or why I am wrong. I’m sure there is something I am forgetting and reasons this won’t work but I think this is where it could go. I would love to hear from you! Thanks for taking the time to read it and we’ll talk to you soon!

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