A new and different Atraxa

With Atraxa being featured in the art for the next set Phyrexian: All will be One, it seemed only fitting to talk a little about the voice of the preators. With little being known about the once angel and now phyrexian, it is hard to say where this story will go. Maybe we will finally learn more about the angel turned horror and we can finally get the full picture on one of the most powerful commanders in all of MTG.

As for what I believe will set her apart from the original card this time around, I believe there are two options. She may finally be all 5 colors with the Phyrexians forcing Urabrask to finally comply and making her even more powerful than before. This would also allow for Urabrask to make the sacrifice he found so needed when he traveled to New Capenna to find Elspeth.

But if it were me writing this story I know exactly how I would write it. Like I said at the start of the article, little is know about her or who she even was. All that was said, was that she was an angel that made a last stand while more of Mirrodins people escaped and for her tenacity she was compleated and made into a phyrexian by the preators. What if, and hear me out here, what if that angel was Elspeths’ mother. We already know she has angel blood in her and that Elspeth was from a plane where the phyrexians were torturing people. What if that final stand was to make sure her daughter had a chance to escape?

In the end could Elspeth turn the preators own creation against them. Could Atraxa be the weapon that they need to finally destroy the phyrexians once and for all? Let me know what you think of this theory in the comments below or find us on social media and let’s talk! Thanks for taking the time to read this and we will talk to you soon!

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