Spoilers: Completed Planeswalkers of All Will Be One (What is Wotc Doing?)

First of all, Wotc dropped this pic as a tease to the question everybody wants answers to: Which Planeswalkers will be Completed by the Phyrexians?

Ten total Planeswalkers appear as new cards in Phyrexia: All Will Be One, though which are heroes ready to fight the Phyrexians and which join the Phyrexians in compleated perfection is something the story will reveal.

We’ve seen a Koth Planeswalker card that WASN’T completed.

The only other clues we’ve been given are leaked photos showing three completed Planeswalkers shown in their ‘oil slick’ treatments.

Nissa, Ascended Animist

3 GG and 2 green + phyrexian mana or 2 Green

This one has a tough cost but at what value? Start with a 7/7 Green Phyrexian Horror creature token? And the more you punch that +1 you get a bigger one each turn.

There better be a some more cards to take care of these pesky Planeswalkers…Just sayin’!

On top of that, the ultimate that can’t see the cost of (probably 12 or more) drops a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control for EACH Forest you control AND TRAMPLE!

This is one you’ll be needing to kill instantly cause you will see it a lot and you do NOT want this thing on the board too long!

Nissa Revane, being one of the last Animist, can speak to ‘all parts of land and nature’. What this means to aiding the Phyrexian Engine is unknown, but it may speed up the process.

At best, it is a breaking blow to the nature of ALL planes. And if any being could bring the Eldrazi back and into the fray, completed even, it is Nissa. But, just for the record, I really don’t see them going that far. As far as the AOE gang can tell, the Eldrazi are the one entities that the Phyrexians may not be able to effect.

THEN, we got this handful showing a couple of new completed Planeswalkers alongside Nissa:


We cannot see the cost, but my bet is on both green and black phyrexian mana being involved. The ZERO cost loyalty ability allows you to draw a card (and probably discarding one as well) and Proliferate.

PROLIFERATE: : “Choose any number of permanents and/or players that have a counter, then give each one additional counter of each kind that permanent or player already has.”

The -2 ability targets one creature or maybe creatures and involves sacrifice.

The Ultimate ability costs -9 and all we can tell is that it involves counters.

Vraska has never been particularly good although allying with the Gatewatch against Bolas in the end (after working with him). She’s an assassin, at heart. She will take to serving the Phyrexians well.


I felt the same about Ajani and many are feeling this about Nissa. They got Jace. And why am I surprised? Every disaster that MTG has unfolded, Jace has found himself in the middle of, if not the case.

It’s difficult to get any info off the above pic, but, obviously, there will be blue cost and blue phyrexian mana cost. The ultimate is an X cost and that intrigues me!


Although I’m not surprised at the completion of Jace, I do have some thoughts.

First of all, his curiosity and impetuous nature was bond to put him in harms way. But, what if this was a part of the plan? Does Jace think that by infiltrating the enemy he can become the “Inside Man” and break them from within?

Come on admit it. The mind mage is just arrogant enough to think he can do it. It can also lead to some dramatic storytelling.


Nothing is certain…

But there has been talk of The Wandering Emperor and Nahiri being next. But why? What is Wotc up to? If the above is true, then, it’s obvious.


Built on the backs of the fallen, Jaya, Ajani, Jace, Nissa, Varaska and possibly Kaya and Nahiri, a new breed of Planeswalkers comes to the forefront!

It’s actually genius. What’s the best way to showcase a lot of the new planeswalkers like Tyvar Kell, Kato Suzuki, Kaya, The Wanderer/Emperor and Lukka (shown above) and Koth who has been underused than to send them to the rescue of the tried and true?

You put the Gatewatch in dire peril and have the new batch swoop in for the win! It’s brilliant, if it works. And it might not. There’s been love for some of these new breed of planeswalkers. But they haven’t been through the MTG Vorthos mill enough to really be the heroes we can get behind. I could be wrong (and, to tell you the truth, I hope I am) but this might be a failed experiment.

But we’ll see. I’d like to see them weave a story for the ages where the young pups come through in the end and win our hearts.

What do you think? Leave your comments below or join the discussion on our social media!

Editing note (1/7/2023): We weren’t sure if The Wandering Emperor would be completed or not. It looks like she’s joining the ranks of our speculated new Gate Watch!

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