Traveler’s Guide to Waterdeep: The God Catcher

Once an intrinsic part of the City of Splendor’s defenses, the Walking Statues are all wonders of Faerun in and of themselves. Ancient magic kept them in hidden for most of their existence, socked away on the Ethereal Plane, just waiting to be summoned to Waterdeep’s defense. Unfortunately, during the Spellplague circa 1385DR, they all appeared and, instead of defending, went about to destroy the city. Despite many attempts, there was no magic to stop or banish them. Inexplicably, they stopped their rampage on their own; freezing them like gargantuan statues all over the city.

Now, just a part of the scenery, many being adapted for living and/or storage spaces, the ‘Walking Statues of Waterdeep’ keep constant vigil. None of the wizards or scholars of Waterdeep know if they will actually animate again and come to the city’s defense even. But they DO stand as unforgettable landmarks; a must see for those traveling Faerun.


One of these gargantuan guardians of Waterdeep is called THE GOD CATCHER. During the battle against them during the abovementioned Spellplague, the acting Blackstaff, Tsarra Chaadren, the then-mobile statue mired up in the ground that Tsarra had transformed to mud. It was during this miring of the statue that the rampaging guardians stopped in their tracks and froze in time.

This left The God Catcher in an amazing pose where the muscular, human male looks to be attempting to climb out of the ground solidified around it. One knee up and his left hand pushing against the ground, he looks to escape any moment. But it hasn’t moved since. The right hand reaches toward the sky where a stone sphere floats just beyond reach.

Some detail info may be gleaned from the Forgotten Realms novel by Erin M. Evans: THE GOD CATCHER

Now, the sight of this amazing construct is enough itself as it towers over the Castle Ward; throwing its immense shadow over the Market just south of it. At the intersection of Sul Street and Heard Lane, it has been hollowed out and made useful. It has become a tenant building with living areas for many who live there. Seeing that it reaches (being gargantuan) anywhere from 32-64 feet into the Waterdavian sky, it could be home to a multitude of very influential people.

The floating stone sphere hovering above The God Catcher’s outstretch hand is more than decoration. It works as the living quarters to a young, aloof sorcerer named Aundra Blackcloak. She is of Raptoran lineage which means, not only can she use her magic to drop in almost anywhere within range of her magic, but can also fly there as well. Aundra had the head of a hawk with beautiful white feathers. And, when she wants to meet with one of the residences of Waterdeep, she will usually drop in unannounced on one of their balconies and will not offer any information about herself or anything she’s doing any more to simply acquire what she needs to continue her research.




WATERDEEP: DRAGONHEIST (ADVENTURE 2018) Goes into detail of each statue on pp. 182-184

Mentioned in Dungeons & Dragons Dicemasters: Trouble in Waterdeep

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