Studies in Marvel Snap Misdirection: Venom/Arnim Zola

The following Jank comes to you from the messed up mind of BDC!

Venomized Arnim Zola by Brendan Tobin

Now, I get it. Pulling off a massive Black Panther thanks to Wong or using him to drop tigers over all three locations is fun. Jacking up the numbers and overpowering your opponent is both exciting and satisfying. But, let’s be honest. After a while, they see all of that coming.

Personally, my favorite tactic is MISDIRECTION.

May I introduce you to Venom:

Card Ability:

On Reveal: Destroy your other cards at this location. Add their Power to this card.


With this concept, you have five turns to build a bigger Venom. He’s only a 1 power, so he’s not that intimidating. But, he’s a symbiote, so what he eats becomes him. SO, if you can drop some big numbers down before Venom hits the board, he can be a chunky boy!

So, basically, we’re looking mainly for girth, not finesse. I mean, their cool abilities may be handy along the way, but what they end up with in POWER is what is important in the long run!

I looked for the cheapest big boys (and girls) I could get. And, as I’m fond of doing, I pulled in Typhoid Mary and her main man, Luke Cage.


ONGOING: Your cards can’t have their power reduced.


ONGOING: Your other cards have -1 Power

Never really an item in the comics (as far as I remember), but totally make a great couple. I even have these two coming out last turn as a surprise. TYPHOID MARY is hard to play because it reduces all the other cards you play by one. So LUKE CAGE just fixes all of that.

Locations like Necrosha and Negative Zone suddenly aren’t a problem since Luke Cage negates all of that negativity. In fact, suddenly, these locations give you an advantage!

But, even if Luke decides to not show, having a 10 power, 4 drop like Typhoid Mary boosts the Venom ramp!

Other cards that come cheap, yet bring a big bang include CLOAK, LIZARD, THE ABOMINATION AND HULK BUSTER.

The trick with LIZARD is to Venomize him before your opponent stacks up the other side and reduces LIZARD’S power. HULK BUSTER just adds to whatever you’re building. And having CLOAK around gives you a movement option.


On Reveal: Afflict all other cards with -1 Power.

HAZMAT works excellently with LUKE CAGE as you opponent’s cards are reduced by one and yours aren’t. RHINO is simply there to bust up a location that crimps this decks style. If you can smash a locked up location or one that makes you do something that hinders the outcome, RHINO is your play.


On Reveal: Destroy a random friendly card here. Add copies of it to the other locations.

And, finally, ARNIM ZOLA. This is where the real misdirection comes in. You stack up as much as you can in one area. This should cause your opponent to over compensate your way. And, as they come in for the kill at the spot VENOM is at, you use ZOLA to destroy him and drop him in the other two locations, hopefully, for the win!


When ANY card is played at this location, this card switches sides.

TITANIA is a cheap play but chancy. I prefer to play her the same turn as VENOM as to not give anyone a chance to flip her to their side. I’ve even used MOON GIRL to make two of TITANIA to play them and VENOM on turn 5.

As I said, misdirection, I believe, is your best bet to a win in Marvel Snap. And, although there are many ways to achieve that, VENOM/ARNIM ZOLA are an excellent pair.

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