The MTG team-up to end all team-ups!

So after watching the official trailer on YouTube for the March of the Machine there were tons of little Easter eggs in there for us to chew on but one thing that caught my eye quickly. With the reveal of a handful of cards from the set, they have showed us a theme for the hero’s with them being teamed up in unlikely pairs from the plane they are on. Teams like Drana and Linvala and then Thalia and Gitrog among a few others. That fact paired with something I saw in the trailer got me hoping for a team up years in the making.


So, what if while the multiverse has been having to deal with the phyrexians, there was a different type of brothers war going on? What if two dragon brothers had been having a mental and emotion war to end their differences once and for all. A card I believe we will see is Ugin and Nicol Bolas. The two brothers reunited and working together to end a war caused by two brothers who could not reconcile. 

I see this happening due to another misstep by Jace. With him completed and being the one of the only people to know Nicol Bolas is alive, I believe he will tell Elesh Norn of the great power he would add if they were to complete the former dragon god. The only issue, the brothers had spent those years in the meditation realm working through their problems. Spending it with Ugin showing his brother the folly of his ways and over time it finally sinking in what Nicol Bolas had truly become.

Is this a long shot? Maybe but I don’t think so! What do you think? Could we see the archenemy come back to redeem himself and help save the day? Let me know in the comments or find us and social media and tell me how i couldn’t be more wrong.


Or possibly, any one of the gatewatch may decide that the old adage is right:

When looking for ammunition against the March of the Machine, it would be an obvious, although risky, solution to look for something powerfully dangerous…like Nicol Bolas!

Being faced with an option of being trapped in the Prison Realm with each other, Nicol Bolas and Ugin may be ready to make a deal; especially once they realize that, while they are stuck there, all the multiverse are on the verge of falling to the Pharexians. They may be willing to make a tentative truce to save everything.

And considering how powerful some of the Nicol Bolas and Ugin cards have been, imagine the two of them on one card! It would be the greatest team-up of all time! I mean, if Drana and Linvala can do it…just look at the smile on Drana’s face! (It’s like a girls night out!)

And consider the irony of two brothers, putting aside their differences and fixing something that the failure of two other brothers started! No matter the reasoning, the card would possibly be epic…it BETTER be epic! But we, at AOE Tabletop, consider it nothing shy of inevitable.

With things so dire, what’s left of the Gatewatch may be willing to go to drastic measures to stop Elesh Norn and the Phyrexian Hoard. But what if they win? What then? Will everybody keep playing nice? No telling. But it’s certainly a speculation that must be considered, but one for the future!

Drop your thoughts in the comments below. We can’t wait to read them. All of you have had some serious insight into what’s ahead and we do NOT speculate in a vacuum! Hang on to your backsides, vorthos lovers, it’s gonna be a wild one!!

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