What’s in Store for us in Eldraine

We already know our Q3 offering from Standard MTG will be The Wilds of Eldraine. But it’s been a while since we’ve graced the courts or walked the fairy tale lands. And, although, our knowledge of the goings on since The Throne of Eldraine is scarce, there are things we DO know:

Spoilers for March of the Machine ahead…

“The courts have fallen,” the dwarf said in a quivery voice. “The Kenriths are gone.”

As it should be, the onslaught of the Phyrexian hoard has left its indelible mark on the Vorthos of MTG; although not as much as some of us had wished. But it is distinctively true in Eldraine. The King and Queen of the Realms is dead. The Kenriths, as Torbran said, are gone.

This leaves an incredible void in the leadership of the Realms which we will discuss in detail a bit later in the article. But, to be sure, this is the most long reaching deaths in all of Aftermath. Sure, we may have lost some B tier planeswalkers, but not that many deaths. Not even the fates of Jace and Vraska can be known right now. And, if you ask me, it may be a while until we learn their whereabouts or whether they’re even still alive.


Second in devestating importance, Ayara, the First of Locthwain, also fell during the Phyrexian invasion. Her and her court (which means all of the elves that support the Realm) were completed and, then, compelled to end their lives during one of the side stories of The March of the Machine. (You should totally go and read it even if you blow off all the others. THE ADVENTURES OF RANKLE, MASTER OF LOVE is beyond entertaining!)

What’s odd is that, before the Locthwain Queen’s life was ended, her completion was far from a mediocre transition to a simple Phyrexian. No, she became completed by the Furnace Host and became THE FURNACE QUEEN!

It would be sad if all of this detail and amazing design work was a simple one shot. Does Wotc have something further in mind for the Elven Queen? But she’s dead, right? Surely, there’s no mechanism in place to save our beloved dark queen! Or is there…


Every kingdom in the Realms has a sacred relic. For Locthwain, there is the Cauldron of Eternity. And, although it has been missing and every knight who has quested to find it has failed, ‘The Cauldron of Eternity can return those who die back to life if it deems them worthy’. Is it due a return? Will it return to bring back its queen? And where has it been all of this time? Most of the quests headed out to the wilds where the original kingdom of the Elves stood.

The HEARTLANDS is where you can find the ruins of the old Elven Realm. A quest there pitting one against the deadly guardian of the Obsidian Bridge, the Council of Druids in an amphitheater made of the remains of a dragon and, maybe, the Well of Ghosts and the Bridge of Regrets would be a whimsical story.

Is this were the Cauldron of Eternity has been hiding? Or will it simply return in time to save its queen? We’ll see.


So, maybe we’ve seen the last of the Elven Realm of Locthwain or not. But what about the other four realms?

Is that the Phyrexian Hoard leaving what’s left of Castle Locthwain crashed and overrun?

The above art work is showcased on the card Invasion of Eldraine, but the pic, although intriguing, is not the focus of my speculation. It is the flip side of the new Battle Card that you get if your opponent cannot properly defend it.

It simply says, “WHEN THE COURTS FELL,”. So, they leave not much to the imagination. The Courts is a plural and insinuates that ALL of the courts fell to the Phyrexians! Is there nothing left of what the civilized realms built? Is it nothing more than a scattered lot? Is there anything left to defend it against the fae hoard of the Wilds?

Sounds like the Magic Mirror may still be intact. What secrets does it hold? Can it save the REALMS? Will it serve the Fae invaders from the Wilds? OR will it be a part of the resurgence of the Elves?

In fact…

All of the relics of the Realms belonged to the Elves originally!

Not only the Cauldron of Eternity which has the power to raise the Shadow Queen of the Elves (although the Elves of the Wilds probably wouldn’t follow her) and the Magic Mirror holds the secrets of the ages, but the Great Henge can give them access to the whole plane, Embercleave gives them a formidable weapon but I’m not sure what they would get out of the Circle of Loyalty. But it all belonged to the Elves first although the Humans used them and so too can the Fae of the Wilds.


If there is anything left of the Realms, is there any hope to reunite them before the Wilds overrun them? If there is, it’s in the twin planeswalkers, Will and Rowan Kenrith. Children of the former King of the Realms, they have a defendable right to the throne. Although to be confirmed, they will have to be put on the High Quest by the Question Beast itself. What that entails is mostly unknown to those who have not finished such a quest. But it has everything to do with who rules the Realms if there is anything left of them.

When last seen, Will and Rowan had just entered Strixhaven Achademy. Whether they are willing to part from their studies is unclear, but I don’t see them taking a pass on their parent’s funeral. OR maybe only one will take the throne? Will there be a competition? Or will WILL simply pass on leadership? There’s no telling, but this is too much drama for Wotc not to capitalize on. So it’s a pretty easy bet that they show.


After Garruk followed the twins to Kylem, he found them to be safe and capable and didn’t follow them to Strixhaven. Will the danger of the Wilds pull him back to protect the twins he was once sworn to? Probably not. But we absolutely hope so!


If the Realms are gone and the Wilds are on the march, they had better bring back the head fae, OKO.

Although not from Eldraine, he seemed to enjoy his time there and, I would suppose, he would come running if he heard that the order of the plane had fallen into disarray. He would love nothing more than to lead the Fae of the Wilds in a chaotic rampage across this plane. Although it will most definitely spell disaster for Eldraine, I still think he will make a play (and I do mean play) at leading his fellow Fae into ‘battle’. Actually, he will probably light the plane on fire and sit back and watch, to be honest.

Who will end up on top? Will the Realms defend against the encroaching wild? Will we see a return of the Elves that once ruled Eldraine? Will OKO or another Fae lead their kind, unleashing the never-ending forest that once covered Eldraine? It’s anybody’s guess.

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