MTG Story Pitch: The Fate of Jace Beleren?

This is one of those moments when Vorthos speculation becomes armchair quarterbacking. We here at AOE are continually talking about the stories we love from Magic The Gathering and even going so far as to pitch to each other what we thing should happen next. So, today, I pitch my thoughts about the compleated Jace Beleren, the fall of New Phyrexia and what dreams (or nightmares) will come.


First of all, the whole ending of our two strange lovers, Jace and Vraska, was way too vague. Steps (our lead) went as far to say, ‘If you don’t see the death in print in vivid detail much like we got with EVERY Praetor, it doesn’t exist!’

Is that fair? In the face of NO evidence are we to expect that Wotc has further plans for the Mind Mage and his venomous love? I, for one, would say, YES!

As March of the Machine: Aftermath proves, Wotc is very careful with its intellectual properties. Ajani is back in full Gatewatch form and all of those planeswalkers who just lost their spark were just ways to salvage characters from the Phyrexian chopping block. So, are we to expect any less when it comes to Magic’s favorite ‘blue boy’?

Jace/Vraska as seen in Boom Comics!


Despite all the torment the Gatewatch lover’s bodies went through, one thing is very sure: their minds were protected.

Going back to the days leading up to War of the Spark, Jace had prepared a place in their own minds as a sort of ‘Safe Room’. He built these as a protective guard against no other than Nicol Bolas. So why’s it so insane to think that both planeswalkers survived? Well, their minds , at least.

Will they survive as a sort of spirit much like Tamiyo who saved a non-Phyrexian version of her personality in one of her scrolls? Their physical forms may be done with or asleep in Phyrexian goo, but their minds may be free to travel the multiverse. Possibly, they could still aid their friends in the safekeeping of the Planes.


If Jace is truly still with us, at least in spirit, will this prompt his return to his homeworld of Vryn? Will this give us a much needed look at this plane we’ve only seen in Jace’s origin story. Is it time to give Vryn it’s own set?

During March of the Machine, MARO opened a poll to see which of the little known planes fans thought could be seeing their debut. And Vryn was a popular choice. It came in second. So, there’s a fan base that wants to see it.

Plus the drama that March of the Machine wrought on this world much like so many others. Thanks to the Invasion of Vryn card and, especially, its flipside, we find out that the Ring Mages here drove back the Phyrexians by overloading the Mage Ring Network. This may leave things in utter disarray and chaos. The time is ripe for us to visit it and just see what the residents there are made of.


Ok, bear with me. I know it may seem far fetched, but hear me out. Maybe an attempt is made by Jace and Vraska to overcome the Phyrexian oil that transformed their bodies. And, there’s an ongoing struggle. Jace’s will vs the Phyrexian oil. And what happens in the end is an amalgamation of the two where Jace may be in control, but his mind has been molded by the Praetor mindset.

In this scenario, Jace and Vraska gain total control of their Phyrexian bodies, but find a new goal: fixing the problems of the multiverse (especially the things that Jace still harbors guilt about) through control and Phryexian perfection. And, if they either keep their sparks or travel one of the new omenpaths, they can travel places looking for power and honing their skills.

They become the New Praetors and gain limited power over all things the Phyrexian oil touches. Limited as in just the things in their direct vicinity. But the end game would be to raise up an army to march across the cosmos and fix all the mistakes Jace has wrought.

Jace has always been cold and calculating and too curious for his own good. It would be like him to try and use what Phyrexia has given him to his own end. All the while, we all know that it will end in disaster as does most plans Jace puts into action.

Wouldn’t this be a great premise for Jace to return home to Vryn? The hero returns to rebuild the Mage Ring Network, but to what end? Once they begin to generate Mana across the network, will they, in turn, have to turn and fight the wayward son of Vryn?

Could this new direction put Jace at odds with Vraska? Maybe we could see another DUEL DECKS set showcasing them?

So, on what end of the spectrum do you see Jace and Vraska landing on? Spirit guides for whatever the Gatewatch looks like in the future? Or the new Phyrexian Praetors? Or maybe you see something totally different? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

Oh, and short answer? Of course, we’ve not seen the last of our favorite little mind mage. It’s just a question of what form and if he will be friend or foe!

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