Who brought the Wicked Slumber to Eldraine

With MC Minneapolis happening, we got some new art from the upcoming set Wilds of Eldraine, and a little more context as to what is happening there. So let’s start from the end of March of the Machine and go from there. We know the way Eldraine defeated the Phyrexian invasion was through the magical sleep called the “Wicked Slumber”.

But according to the new info “that magical sleep has continued and begun to prey on the inhabitants of Eldraine.”

This is interesting for several reasons. First off, does this mean whoever cast the spell was not only helping to end the invasion but also setting up their chess board for their next move? I believe so. In the official story from MoM, we see Rankle and Torbran working together to help the people, and towards the end, they all begin to fall asleep, including Rankle and Torbran. It talks of Rankle hearing “a beautiful sound: ancient, powerful, and familiar” sound. It talks about it as if it is all around them and in their minds as well. This was the Wicked Slumber being cast, but who cast such a powerful spell?

Suddenly, a new sound competed with the wails and meaty thuds of falling hordes. It was a beautiful sound: ancient, powerful, and familiar. It was both nowhere and all around him. A powerful spell of many voices, Rankle realized. He was getting sleepy, and his lone wing was no longer holding him aloft. As he slowly sunk toward the bodies piled up below, Rankle could see that everyone in the chasm had fallen into an unnatural sleep. 

Well, here there are two options so let’s start with the one we just learned about.

Allow me to introduce Eriette of the Charmed Apple.

This was new art revealed during the panel of a new character from the story in the Wilds of Eldraine. You can see that she looks young and beautiful but in the reflection, you can see her true visage. She is an old hag using magic to look young. This is a reference to the old witch in Snow White with the poisoned apple that put her to sleep. This would make it clear to some that she is the one responsible for the wicked slumber but I do not think so. I believe this is a red herring and that she is truly supposed to be the “evil stepmother” figure to the Kennrith twins except this time, not a stepmother, but their true mother. To me, she looks like the spitting image of Rowan, but in a more gothic evil witch kind of way. I also doubt it is an accident that Wizards had the same artist do Eriettes and Rowans art for the set.

But if not the obvious new villain, then who? Well in another announcement we got the reveal of a new villain for the twins to battle with. When you think of unnatural sleep and who would be powerful enough to cast a spell over an entire plane. Someone ancient and able to be familiar, who do you think of?

Ashiok makes the most sense to me and with the new art for the card Ashiok, wicked manipulator beings shown at the panel as well it all fits into place. Wicked Slumber, Wicked Manipulator, makes sense to me.

I believe in the chaos of the war Ashiok ended up in Eldraine. A Land full of mythical creatures and unbelievable magic and saw an opportunity to make the nightmares come to life.

In the end, the two could very well be working together to end the peace on Eldraine but for those answers, I guess we will have to wait just a bit longer! What do you think of all this new information on our return to the fairy tale plane? Does it make you more excited about the set? I for one can not wait! Let us know what you think or tell us your theories in the comments or some find us on social media and tell us all about it! Thanks for reading and we will talk to you next time!

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