Theros Beyond Magic the Gathering

Theros has always held a special place for me in the MTG multiverse. I have a deep love for ancient Greek mythology and Magic making it into its own theme for a plane was just amazing to me. Just like with Greek mythology, the more you dug into the cards and the lore behind them, the more questions you ended up having and wanting answers too…

Bards of Theros: College of Revels

With the new campaign setting, Mythic Odysseys of Theros, Wizards of the Coast gives fans of D&D a unique world of which to explore. Whether you are a player of the card game, Magic the Gathering, or not, there’s a lot to love by both Dungeon Masters and players, old and new. It brings withContinue reading “Bards of Theros: College of Revels”

In a different class: Bards are more than a song

What comes to mind when I bring up the class: Bard? Most times we see an outrovert troubadour obnoxiously making time with anything that moves all the while playing the songs that not only make the girls cry, but inspires the party to fight harder and their enemies to wimp out and run in fear. Continue reading “In a different class: Bards are more than a song”

Why play Satyrs? Mythic Odysseys into Revelry

With the arrival of MYTHIC ODYSSEYS OF THEROS last week, we got the best sourcebook ever from the Magic the Gathering world.  We also got the first official 5E stat block for the Satyr as a playable race.  Now, there have been plenty of reasons NOT to open this race up as playable, but SatyrsContinue reading “Why play Satyrs? Mythic Odysseys into Revelry”

Not everything with horns is a Tiefling: Fiendish Options

From deep within the archives of the Magic Tavern, when I’m not brewing MTG decks, I’m digging through the ancient tomes of D&D history.  I’ve spent most of my life, including my studies in college, learning to love the joys of research.  That and my love for ancient history has fueled a passion to digContinue reading “Not everything with horns is a Tiefling: Fiendish Options”

EDH Deck Tech: Goblin Peek-A-Boo

With the two awesome new goblins in Core Set 2021 I thought it was about time I shared my goblin EDH deck with you guys! I have loved goblins for a long time. Every since I first started playing DnD long ago. When I started building EDH decks it was an easy choice on which one had to come first.

Olzira Roren: Half-Elf Spellcaster on a Journey!

Hello all and welcome to a special edition of CHARACTER REFERENCE! Now, this entry spawned from two things. The first thing that birthed this small piece of insanity was a question of multiclassing.  The group had a long, meandering discussion about the pluses and minus’s of taking on more than one class across the lifeContinue reading “Olzira Roren: Half-Elf Spellcaster on a Journey!”