Who is: Yawgmoth

Looking back through the tomes of lore there seemed only one good place to start, Yawgmoth. I knew the name very will and even know cards like Yawgmoths vile offering and Yawgmoths will but it wasn’t until I really started digging that I found what made this once human physician one of the biggest bads in all of nerdom.

Double Masters limited?

The idea seemed fun and novel, but most the cards listed and previewed seemed more and more like they were just powerful staples or at least staple cards for the sake of hype. It’s a masters set after all, but trying to draft it seemed truly like it was trying to decide which color i wanted to pair with artifacts.

Theros Beyond Magic the Gathering

Theros has always held a special place for me in the MTG multiverse. I have a deep love for ancient Greek mythology and Magic making it into its own theme for a plane was just amazing to me. Just like with Greek mythology, the more you dug into the cards and the lore behind them, the more questions you ended up having and wanting answers too…

Playing with Vigilance

An ability since Alpha and a Keyword since Champions of Kamigawa (9th Edition), Vigilance has been a staple in MTG for quite a while.  And rightly so.  The ability to attack on your turn and block on your opponents next turn simply changes the face of the game and both forces your opponent to rethinkContinue reading “Playing with Vigilance”

EDH Deck Tech: Goblin Peek-A-Boo

With the two awesome new goblins in Core Set 2021 I thought it was about time I shared my goblin EDH deck with you guys! I have loved goblins for a long time. Every since I first started playing DnD long ago. When I started building EDH decks it was an easy choice on which one had to come first.


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