Rogues of the Wild

While running a campaign in Icewind Dale (Rime of the Frostmaiden), I have been taken with the Reghed Barbarians that live in the wilder part of this forsaken land. Living in this unforgiving winter that Auril has cursed this land with, the barbarians suffer on the harshest front. What was once a struggle to surviveContinue reading “Rogues of the Wild”

Mirror Box: Power Ramp

This bit of janky info comes to you from the twisted mind of BDC. We’ve already gone through a great deal of legendaries that work with the new card, Mirror Box, from the set, Kamigawa, Neon Dynasty. But there is so much to this amazing card. Besides the bonus of having more than one ofContinue reading “Mirror Box: Power Ramp”

Wizards of the Wild

Welcome to our third in the series ‘When is a barbarian NOT a Barbarian?’. Now, just so you can understand and not get confused, were talking about PCs or NPCs who are born in a barbarian tribe, NOT multiclassing with the Barbarian class. This is more for fleshing out characters or NPCs than helping youContinue reading “Wizards of the Wild”


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