ICEWIND DALE: Alternative Options in Good Mead

This is BDC and I’ve been DMing through the Rime of the Frost Maiden with a mix of seasoned role-players, one returning player from 2E and his wife who is new to all of this. But I’ve found it necessary to switch up some things here and there. But isn’t that what it’s all about?Continue reading “ICEWIND DALE: Alternative Options in Good Mead”

Dread Elementals: Creature of Rot and Mist

With a book coming out in May bringing back the feel, flavor and lore of Ravenloft, it gets me thinking of what they could possibly be bringing to the table. We already know that, unlike Curse of Strahd, we’re getting not one but a multitude of varying domains and big bads as well. As IContinue reading “Dread Elementals: Creature of Rot and Mist”

DM’s Travel Guide: The Krakens Hook

Welcome to our new series here at The Magic Tavern. With this series we will bring you all sorts of fun, and some times dangerous, places for you to throw into your RPG games. Some will be bars where your PC’s can round up some quest while some may be a haunted ancient ruin, the epic end to an adventure. These articles should give you just enough information to take and run with.