Theros Beyond Magic the Gathering

Theros has always held a special place for me in the MTG multiverse. I have a deep love for ancient Greek mythology and Magic making it into its own theme for a plane was just amazing to me. Just like with Greek mythology, the more you dug into the cards and the lore behind them, the more questions you ended up having and wanting answers too…

Bards of Theros: College of Revels

With the new campaign setting, Mythic Odysseys of Theros, Wizards of the Coast gives fans of D&D a unique world of which to explore. Whether you are a player of the card game, Magic the Gathering, or not, there’s a lot to love by both Dungeon Masters and players, old and new. It brings withContinue reading “Bards of Theros: College of Revels”

Olzira Roren: Half-Elf Spellcaster on a Journey!

Hello all and welcome to a special edition of CHARACTER REFERENCE! Now, this entry spawned from two things. The first thing that birthed this small piece of insanity was a question of multiclassing.  The group had a long, meandering discussion about the pluses and minus’s of taking on more than one class across the lifeContinue reading “Olzira Roren: Half-Elf Spellcaster on a Journey!”

DM’s Travel Guide: The Krakens Hook

Welcome to our new series here at The Magic Tavern. With this series we will bring you all sorts of fun, and some times dangerous, places for you to throw into your RPG games. Some will be bars where your PC’s can round up some quest while some may be a haunted ancient ruin, the epic end to an adventure. These articles should give you just enough information to take and run with.

The Meaning of Alignment

Very rarely do we as DMs get into any discussion about alignment.  Usually it doesn’t even come up until a point of order demands it.  Maybe it concerns one of those ‘alignment spells’.  Or possibly it has to do with what spells a PC has access to.  Or, more than likely, one particular PC’s alignmentContinue reading “The Meaning of Alignment”

A New Kind Of Character Customization: Our talk with NeverEnding

Well, help is on the way! For we are not the only lovers of RPG that has had this kind of dream. NO, someone has put this dream well on the way to being a reality. NEVERENDING is it’s name and it is an online character builder, scene builder and animation platform with an amazing library of customizable art to bring your campaigns to life.


In the exciting RPG fantasy words of games like D&D and Pathfinder, there are so many things in an expansive campaign setting to keep your players attention that the last thing on anyone’s mind is banking. But let’s get real. Especially once a party gets to 10th level and beyond, the reality of the amount of gold that some parties just carry around is more fantasy than the spells and magic items…