There’s more than one way to SKIN a Warforged

Article by BDC During my Halloween article, Things to do when you’re dead in D&D, I touched upon the possibility of playing a scarecrow.  At first, I was tempted to work up elaborate numbers, a race or a subclass.  But one of the reasons I love 5E is its simplicity and lobby any chance IContinue reading “There’s more than one way to SKIN a Warforged”

Planeswalker Spoiler: Confirmed for Kaldheim?

Article by BDC I usually wait till the weekend to drop these speculations, but ran into this pic in one of my groups and had truly consider the possibility that Kaya will be in the Viking-Themed set, Kaldheim. This comes a few weeks after the spoiled figure of Kaya coming about the same time asContinue reading “Planeswalker Spoiler: Confirmed for Kaldheim?”

Weekend Speculation: The Nine Worlds in MTG?

Ok, first off, after pouring over this, I can pretty much tell you that Wotc is probably not about to do what I’m proposing. They might be, but it’s a long shot. So this becomes less a speculation and more of a what would I do. You see, I’m a continuity man. Is see patternsContinue reading “Weekend Speculation: The Nine Worlds in MTG?”

Commander Legends: Win, Lose or DRAW

Man, spoiler season is back with a vengence and, while I’m tempted to just throw some random cards at you (There’s so many great cards to talk about), I wanted to talk about one in particular. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good draw deck. And, although there isn’t a ton of cardsContinue reading “Commander Legends: Win, Lose or DRAW”

Weekend Speculation: Spoiled Cards?

Booyah and Salutations Speculators!! It’s been another week of weeding through posts, pics and reddits and, as always, I have a lot of speculation about the future of Kalsheim. But, this week, the guys at the Magic Tavern have been discussing the ‘spoiling’ of three supposed cards from Kaldheim. Check out this weeks podcast JustContinue reading “Weekend Speculation: Spoiled Cards?”

All the options your were can bear!

This week we will take a peek at another were from the annuls of D&D history and 5E cannon: The Werebear. Much like its cousin, the wererat, there are plenty of obvious builds that have been done ad nauseam in homebrews across the internet.  For the wererat, the obvious build is rogue.  But, for theContinue reading “All the options your were can bear!”

Wererats: Just part of the Mischief

Welcome to October, folks.  Just realized that we have begun our deep dive into Weres here in spooktober.  I would like to say that it was a massively planned multi-media event, but it just seems that the stars have aligned for this day and time.  Anyway, we are working toward our first published adventure, MANIFESTOContinue reading “Wererats: Just part of the Mischief”


SPOILERS:  Read the newest story on MTG’s website “OF HAUNTING SONGS AND WHISPERED WARNINGS” before proceeding. The very thing that drives any story you have ever read is the very thing that, in life, we pay least attention to.  Being a writer and a DM, I have had to pay precise attention to this littleContinue reading “HEALING ZENDIKAR: STANDOFF AT THE SINGING CITY”


I’ve been delving deep into the mines of the Dwarves recently for the upcoming world building exercise: PLUNDER OF THE SHATTERED STAR (working name in progress).  So keep an eye out for that because it’s going to be one of those categories here on the Magic Tavern that will get a lot of work inContinue reading “ADVENTURE BEGINS…AT THE MINE”