Forgotten gods of D&D: Astilabor, the Hoardmistress

We’re back with D&D Forgotten with a series of articles displaying some of the old draconic gods that we hope show up in the upcoming book (due in September), Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. We already know we’re getting the Gem Dragons in that book. We also know that they are offering this draconic content forContinue reading “Forgotten gods of D&D: Astilabor, the Hoardmistress”


Mordikia (Pronounced Mord-e-chi) is a Tiefling bard with a rather amazing talent with the sword.  Also being a gladiator, he and his wife performed in the arenas entertaining the masses with their battle prowess and tenacity.  They were perfection in motion, and they felled all challengers.  Early on, they had no wish to pick sidesContinue reading “CHARACTER REFERENCE: MORDIKIA”


In the exciting RPG fantasy words of games like D&D and Pathfinder, there are so many things in an expansive campaign setting to keep your players attention that the last thing on anyone’s mind is banking. But let’s get real. Especially once a party gets to 10th level and beyond, the reality of the amount of gold that some parties just carry around is more fantasy than the spells and magic items…

Character Reference: Aetris

Welcome to our newest ongoing series here at the Tavern! CHARACTER REFERENCE is an ongoing source for DMs to use to create NPCs or for Players to develop extraordinary out-of-the-box characters. This is a jumping off point. It can be taken as is or tweaked to fit your individual needs…