Hags: Adventure Hooks

Talking about Hags Tuesday night (Sept 21st, 2021) brought out a lot of fun ideas for characters and storylines. Next week (Sept 28th), we’re talking Werewolves, Werebears, Were-EVERYTHING! It’s going to be fun. And if you’re late to the party, we stream every Tuesday night around 8pm Central time on themagictavern on Twitch! But HagsContinue reading “Hags: Adventure Hooks”

Adventure Begins…at the temple

Beginning a new segment for adventure hooks to help all of those DMs looking for a start to something legendary. My first inclination was to write about the tavern. But that’s a bit cliche. So, instead adventure begins… AT THE TEMPLE Upon arrival at the Temple… There seems to a lot of excitement.  There’s beenContinue reading “Adventure Begins…at the temple”