A New Age of Magic the Gathering Storytelling?

We’re on the other side of March of the Machine and we are full swing into AFTERMATH! Looking over what’s been spoiled so far, what does it tell us about the future of MTG storytelling? First, let’s look at what we know! PLANESWALKERS ARE LOSING THEIR SPARK! As shown above, much like the ten planeswalkersContinue reading “A New Age of Magic the Gathering Storytelling?”

MTG Story Pitch: The Fate of Jace Beleren?

This is one of those moments when Vorthos speculation becomes armchair quarterbacking. We here at AOE are continually talking about the stories we love from Magic The Gathering and even going so far as to pitch to each other what we thing should happen next. So, today, I pitch my thoughts about the compleated JaceContinue reading “MTG Story Pitch: The Fate of Jace Beleren?”

How much control DOES Norn have on the compleated Planeswalkers? PART ONE

One of the hallmark moments of the All Will Be One storyline was the compleation of several bedrock Gatewatch members. Jace and Nissa joined Nahiri, Lukka, Vraska, Ajani and Tamiyo as supposed minions of Elesh Norn. A great deal of the last stories of the aforementioned set and the first episode of the March ofContinue reading “How much control DOES Norn have on the compleated Planeswalkers? PART ONE”

All Will Be One Speculation Wrap-up: Is All Lost?

Anyone remember watching The Empire Strikes Back for the first time? Well, when I saw it, the only other part of the story available was A New Hope (YES, it was the 80s) which was all a part of the middle of the story. The point is that with Han frozen in carbonite, Luke oneContinue reading “All Will Be One Speculation Wrap-up: Is All Lost?”

MERICA: Jeskai colors that don’t run

All rise!  You’re about to enter Merica territory! Land of the Gain, Home of the Draw! I’m also about to show off a deck I’ve used since May and, through its many incarnations, has proven to be the most resilient, versatile and loyal deck I’ve had.   I call it Merica because simply it flies theContinue reading “MERICA: Jeskai colors that don’t run”