DND Crossover: Venom

NOTE: This is a build that grew from our new Stream on Saturday nights around 7 PM called COLD BREW where we take a subject and do what we do best; brainstorm ideas. This Saturday the 17th we will discuss BARDS. Come join us with your personal builds and ideas to help us conceive someContinue reading “DND Crossover: Venom”

Deck Tech: You had me at Tinybones

Tinybones, Trinket Thief is are new legend in the Jumpstart set that is coming soon. His text made me automatically think of a commander deck built around stripping your opponents of their cards and once they have no options to fight back, we use his ability to start draining them one opponent at a time…

For the Love of Lurrus: Bad Dreams

BAD DREAMS (Golgari Lurrus) This was one of my favorite builds.  It combined my love of little deathtouch creatures and a bit of a Gruul mentality. With all of these we will have the deck list on the side for you to play with and send us the brews you come up with! now, let meContinue reading “For the Love of Lurrus: Bad Dreams”

For the Love of Lurrus

BOOYAH! AND SALUTATIONS! And welcome to the Magic Tavern.  A place that exists just beyond your fondish wish and,yet, can be found if you possess…game. I am BDC and, today, I’m brewing one of the most difficult and, at the same time, the most versatile of the companions, LURRUS of the DREAM DEN.  (I justContinue reading “For the Love of Lurrus”