Hags: Love, Nature and Destiny

“The transformative power of both love and hate each can either bless or curse a soul. Long ago, there was a young woman who had just come into her beauty; so striking a beauty was she that she could naturally enchant any man she wanted.   But, as long as she could remember, she was surroundedContinue reading “Hags: Love, Nature and Destiny”

Draining the swamp: Guul Draz, Vampires, and the return of the skyclaves (Lore and RPG ideas)

 The first continent we’re going to look at is the humid, jungle entangled, swampy marshed land criss-crossed with a myriad of lagoons and waterways: Guul Draz.  The lore says that there are more ruins here than anywhere else.  Strange to begin with.  But, despite a near impossible terrain to deal with, civilization still thrives andContinue reading “Draining the swamp: Guul Draz, Vampires, and the return of the skyclaves (Lore and RPG ideas)”

Why play D&D in Zendikar?

Sorry to all of the DMs and players of D&D out there, seeing that we have been quite busy with the new Magic the Gathering set #ZendikarRising. Spoiler season has been nonstop for awhile, but the introduction of the return to Zendikar and the new lore dump has had us very excited and VERY distracted.Continue reading “Why play D&D in Zendikar?”


Mordikia (Pronounced Mord-e-chi) is a Tiefling bard with a rather amazing talent with the sword.  Also being a gladiator, he and his wife performed in the arenas entertaining the masses with their battle prowess and tenacity.  They were perfection in motion, and they felled all challengers.  Early on, they had no wish to pick sidesContinue reading “CHARACTER REFERENCE: MORDIKIA”