Bard Option: College of Stillsong

Article by BDC and development of College by BDC and PANDA A couple of days ago, I dropped an article on D&D’s FORGOTTEN GODS OF THE SKIES. In the spirit of this study, I started development on a bard college for one of them. Stillsong is an enigmatic power. None of its priests or devoteesContinue reading “Bard Option: College of Stillsong”

Forgotten gods of the skies

There’s a lot of great types of creatures to be played in D&D. Some of the most of imaginative have wings. Kenku (Volo’s Guide to Monsters) and Arakocra (Elemental Evil Player’s Companion) were opened up early in 5E as playable races. But, as with many things in 5E, Wizards leaves a great deal of detailsContinue reading “Forgotten gods of the skies”

Storytime in Theros: Sharn, the Crafted

Character and article by BDC In the foothills beneath the volcanic peaks of Mount Velus, the sound of many hammers rage using the heat off the flow of lava to power their forges all working toward pleasing their god, Purphorus, by creating weapons, magic items and works of art; each outdoing the last. One particularContinue reading “Storytime in Theros: Sharn, the Crafted”

Bards of Theros: College of Revels

With the new campaign setting, Mythic Odysseys of Theros, Wizards of the Coast gives fans of D&D a unique world of which to explore. Whether you are a player of the card game, Magic the Gathering, or not, there’s a lot to love by both Dungeon Masters and players, old and new. It brings withContinue reading “Bards of Theros: College of Revels”

Olzira Roren: Half-Elf Spellcaster on a Journey!

Hello all and welcome to a special edition of CHARACTER REFERENCE! Now, this entry spawned from two things. The first thing that birthed this small piece of insanity was a question of multiclassing.  The group had a long, meandering discussion about the pluses and minus’s of taking on more than one class across the lifeContinue reading “Olzira Roren: Half-Elf Spellcaster on a Journey!”

Why play Githyanki/Githzerai?

Considering these beings are one race, I decided to discuss them together.  A shared history, physiology but sporting very adverse philosophies make this strange race a cornucopia of storytelling, as well as roleplaying gold.  What makes them even more intriguing is the fact that they, along with their former masters, the mindflayers, are original toContinue reading “Why play Githyanki/Githzerai?”

The Meaning of Alignment

Very rarely do we as DMs get into any discussion about alignment.  Usually it doesn’t even come up until a point of order demands it.  Maybe it concerns one of those ‘alignment spells’.  Or possibly it has to do with what spells a PC has access to.  Or, more than likely, one particular PC’s alignmentContinue reading “The Meaning of Alignment”