Dread Elementals: The Grave is Not the End

This dark and horrid monster is brought to you by BDC and The Magic Tavern Following the path of dark cultists and even darker, tainted magics, you come to the end of your journey; the place of the dead. So far, those of you who are left, have survived trail by PYRE, BLOOD and ROT.Continue reading “Dread Elementals: The Grave is Not the End”

Dread Elementals: The Pyre

A Pyre Elemental can be summoned only during a time of great mourning.  Celebrations like the Feast of the Moon are perfect times while the good people of the hosting city accept the grieving from many different kingdoms.  It is traditionally part of the Feast where the dead are remembered and celebrated.  But within thisContinue reading “Dread Elementals: The Pyre”