Forgotten Dragons of Fizban’s: Chaos Dragons and other Chaos

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is about as good as you will get from 5E. I have a LOVE/ (HATE’s a strong word) DISLIKE relationship with 5E. ON the one side, I become an evangelist preaching the ways of 5E as the way and that 6E should never come. ON the other, I hunger for moreContinue reading “Forgotten Dragons of Fizban’s: Chaos Dragons and other Chaos”

Forgotten Draconic Gods of the Feywild

We’re back with D&D Forgotten and a series of articles displaying some of the old draconic gods that we hope show up in the upcoming book (due in September), Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. We already know we’re getting the Gem Dragons in that book. We also know that they are offering this draconic content forContinue reading “Forgotten Draconic Gods of the Feywild”