Stixhaven Speculation: Lukka and the Mage Hunters

The following insanity comes to you courtusy of BDC and The Magic Tavern. Welcome back, Vorthos lovers! We’re three deep into story line for Strixhaven and it’s truly getting deep. We dug into what’s going on with the Kenrith twins in last week’s article. This week, we look into the planeswalker from Ikoria who IContinue reading “Stixhaven Speculation: Lukka and the Mage Hunters”

Wintoa For Life or Banned For Sure?

So one night while trying to fall asleep I was watching Twitch. Bloody, one of the streamers I watch quite regularly, was playing a new deck with cards from Ikora. The engine of the deck was the one and only Winota, The Joiner of Forces. She was using Winotas absolute killer of an ability, whichContinue reading “Wintoa For Life or Banned For Sure?”