Baldur’s Gate White Soldier EDH deck: Just keeps on comin’!

Our man Panda has a way of finding the best combos in about any color. And, sometimes or most times, he finds them in WUBRG! But very rarely does he settle into mono-White. It’s just not his favorite color. But once he sees synchronicity, he’s on it! (See decklist at the bottom of the article!)Continue reading “Baldur’s Gate White Soldier EDH deck: Just keeps on comin’!”

Kaldheim: Vorinclex Standard

By BDC Fresh off of Wotc’s Week of Metal where we got looks at some of the gods, equipment, dwarves and new planeswalkers among other things, how could we have known that lurking in the outer recesses of the fandom, there was a creature of unimaginable chaos about to descend upon us. I mean, weContinue reading “Kaldheim: Vorinclex Standard”