MTG Story Pitch: The Fate of Jace Beleren?

This is one of those moments when Vorthos speculation becomes armchair quarterbacking. We here at AOE are continually talking about the stories we love from Magic The Gathering and even going so far as to pitch to each other what we thing should happen next. So, today, I pitch my thoughts about the compleated JaceContinue reading “MTG Story Pitch: The Fate of Jace Beleren?”

Is JACE a Sleeper Agent?

Following the new stories for March of the Machine, we begin to question how much control Elesh Norn has over her new acquisitions, her enemy planeswalkers that she’s compleated. In this, the second part, we’re going to talk about the most mysterious, duplicitous and downright slippery of the Gatewatch, Jace. Jace was the leader ofContinue reading “Is JACE a Sleeper Agent?”