Standard: In Memorium (NIV MIZZET PARUN)

(Things I will miss) Well, strangely enough, this is my first actual renewal season.  I played some casual back when Amonkhet came out, but never got serious into it until last year.  So, this is all a bit strange to me.  But I decided to jump in with both feet this time and ride theContinue reading “Standard: In Memorium (NIV MIZZET PARUN)”

MERICA: Jeskai colors that don’t run

All rise!  You’re about to enter Merica territory! Land of the Gain, Home of the Draw! I’m also about to show off a deck I’ve used since May and, through its many incarnations, has proven to be the most resilient, versatile and loyal deck I’ve had.   I call it Merica because simply it flies theContinue reading “MERICA: Jeskai colors that don’t run”