MTG Speculation: Gods of the Forgotten Realms

Well, Magic the Gathering’s big cross over with D&D is just a little over two months away and we already have a few spoilers. The biggest of which is the card announced for the mighty Dragon God, Tiamet. AND, with renewal season just a few months past that, we have to wonder if Adventures inContinue reading “MTG Speculation: Gods of the Forgotten Realms”

Not everything with horns is a Tiefling: Fiendish Options

From deep within the archives of the Magic Tavern, when I’m not brewing MTG decks, I’m digging through the ancient tomes of D&D history.  I’ve spent most of my life, including my studies in college, learning to love the joys of research.  That and my love for ancient history has fueled a passion to digContinue reading “Not everything with horns is a Tiefling: Fiendish Options”