The Legacy of the Immoths: Knowledge, Curse and Ice

In the process of developing the Campaign Pitch for the Para-Elemental Plane of Ice, Frostfell, we introduced our villain, the fifth wheel among the evil archmentals, Cryonax and his mad dreams of becoming the king of his own icy domain that encompasses the whole of the elemental plane. We also introduced the enigmatic Immoths; elementalContinue reading “The Legacy of the Immoths: Knowledge, Curse and Ice”

Campaign Pitch: The Mad Dreams of Cryonax

Reading over my travelogue deep diving the Paraelemental Plane of Ice AKA Frostfell, I began to see pieces that would make a great campaign. There are so many juicy tidbits to be gobbled up by an attentive DM and it makes a great backdrop for storytelling. But, as with many elemental planes, it seems aContinue reading “Campaign Pitch: The Mad Dreams of Cryonax”

Monster Mind F*cks: Without batting an EYE!

The coming insanity is BDC’s fault… We started with a demon that doesn’t get into your head, but, once you’re faced with it, it will be hard to wrap your head around: The Maurezhi. But, now, let’s get into the meat of the matter. These are not just creatures that freak you out. The restContinue reading “Monster Mind F*cks: Without batting an EYE!”