Character Reference: Return of the Mirror Knight

“You wake on the floor surrounded by shards of mirrored glass. Looking around, you can see that the glass actually came from a large mirror now shattered and littering the room. You slowly stand. As the light entering the room reflects off your armor, it flashes a beam across the room and, as you move,Continue reading “Character Reference: Return of the Mirror Knight”

Campaign Pitch: The Other Side of the Mirror

A leader of a super powered kingdom suddenly changes demeanor overnight; threatening to throw the world it exists in into absolute chaos. A notorious bandit stops their wave of crime and murder to aid the people in an uprising that changes the fates of many. Important people begin to disappear only to reappear in theContinue reading “Campaign Pitch: The Other Side of the Mirror”

Two Sides to Every Story: Welcome to the Plane of Mirrors

The Mirror has always been an unsettling object within our collective folk tales, myths and communal experience. Although we feel it necessary to have one around for points of vanity and social acceptance, much like the reflections in the mirror, there has always seemed to be something haunting us from the shadows behind but notContinue reading “Two Sides to Every Story: Welcome to the Plane of Mirrors”