Casual Kaalia: EDH deck tech

So, story time. When I was first getting back into MTG, my son was around 10 years old. He wanted to play commander with me and that sounded like fun. Just something for us to enjoy together. So I asked him what I asked him what type of deck he would like. His answer was…Continue reading “Casual Kaalia: EDH deck tech”

Kaervek Rakdos EDH: Pain and taxes

I was flipping through the spoilers for Timespiral remastered and, as happens every once and a while, one card caught my eye. Now, you have to understand that I usually won’t gravitate to the cards everyone else will. I just have an eye for jank. And I love using cards most won’t. Sometimes just figuringContinue reading “Kaervek Rakdos EDH: Pain and taxes”