DND Crossover: The Strange Case of Jekyll/Hyde

ALSO see the main article talking about using Barbarian and RAGE mainly as a catalyst for transformations. Not only did we mention VENOM, but several other great ideas. There will be a character sheet and rundown of build at the end of article. Dr. Elvistien J’Keel was a prominent alchemist in one of the largestContinue reading “DND Crossover: The Strange Case of Jekyll/Hyde”

DND Crossover: Venom

NOTE: This is a build that grew from our new Stream on Saturday nights around 7 PM called COLD BREW where we take a subject and do what we do best; brainstorm ideas. This Saturday the 17th we will discuss BARDS. Come join us with your personal builds and ideas to help us conceive someContinue reading “DND Crossover: Venom”