Who brought the Wicked Slumber to Eldraine

With MC Minneapolis happening, we got some new art from the upcoming set Wilds of Eldraine, and a little more context as to what is happening there. So let’s start from the end of March of the Machine and go from there. We know the way Eldraine defeated the Phyrexian invasion was through the magicalContinue reading “Who brought the Wicked Slumber to Eldraine”

What’s in Store for us in Eldraine

We already know our Q3 offering from Standard MTG will be The Wilds of Eldraine. But it’s been a while since we’ve graced the courts or walked the fairy tale lands. And, although, our knowledge of the goings on since The Throne of Eldraine is scarce, there are things we DO know: Spoilers for MarchContinue reading “What’s in Store for us in Eldraine”

Strixhaven Speculation Time: Guilt, Masks and the Lure of Knowledge!

It has begun! This is BDC; fresh off reading over Wotc’s first story on Strixhaven and checking out the flood of cool new cards for the set and I’m into deep speculation, as always. If you haven’t read the Strixhaven MAGIC STORY, I must warn SPOILERS ABOUND! First off, we don’t get much farther toContinue reading “Strixhaven Speculation Time: Guilt, Masks and the Lure of Knowledge!”