Weekend Speculation: Creatures in MTG’s Forgotten Realms Set

The following comes from the complicated mind of BDC of the Magic Tavern. Ok, I was already heavily invested in the whole idea of having a Forgotten Realms MTG set WAY before that shotgun blast of spoilers we got almost a month ago. So, that incursion of amazing cards got me SO hyped. But…like IContinue reading “Weekend Speculation: Creatures in MTG’s Forgotten Realms Set”

Why Play the Lythari

Today, we look a different ilk of the shapeshifter type: The Lythari (in some Faerunian tomes listed as Ly-tel-quessir). Called in most sources, ‘a true lychanthrope’, the Lythari are actually a sub-race of Elves going back to before the early days of Faerun. When that world was young, they appeared on Faerun…