More Marvel Snap Misdirection featuring Arnim Zola!

This time BDC is passing on the King of Jank’s (Yohdood) deck prowess! Enjoy! We’ve already looked at the kind of havok we can start with the Zola/Venom combo. But the fun doesn’t stop there! ARNIM ZOLA CARD ABILITYOn Reveal: Destroy a random friendly card here. Add copies of it to the other locations. IContinue reading “More Marvel Snap Misdirection featuring Arnim Zola!”

Studies in Marvel Snap Misdirection: Venom/Arnim Zola

The following Jank comes to you from the messed up mind of BDC! Venomized Arnim Zola by Brendan Tobin Now, I get it. Pulling off a massive Black Panther thanks to Wong or using him to drop tigers over all three locations is fun. Jacking up the numbers and overpowering your opponent is both excitingContinue reading “Studies in Marvel Snap Misdirection: Venom/Arnim Zola”

5 Marvel Snap cards I want to see

*Quick update: It seems Knull as been leaked and I was correct! he is indeed a six drop and has the power of all cards destroyed this game. Pair him with Death and its a match made in heaven! Click here to see the card! If you have gone through the massive amount of cardsContinue reading “5 Marvel Snap cards I want to see”

Marvel Snap: Warriors of Wakanda

Marvel Snap as been my recent obsession and the new season just started! So I wanted to take a minute to show you all the new stuff you could get and and then what you can do with this amazing new card. While the season just dropped, people have been brewing some crazy decks already!Continue reading “Marvel Snap: Warriors of Wakanda”

Marvel Snap reviewed

Marvel Snap is a new digital card game that was released Oct 18th this year. As a lifelong lover of card games and Marvel comics this game was a no brainer for me to try out. Especially because it was new and I could play it on the go. The game is also available onContinue reading “Marvel Snap reviewed”