March of the Machine: Tap-Land Flavor Text Takeaways

Besides the team-up cards and spoiled completions and other story elements (Click here to see those spoiled and an ultimate tag team we see coming), we got a sneak peak at the set of ten Tap-Lands for March of the Machine. All of these were the ones that give one life when played. And, asContinue reading “March of the Machine: Tap-Land Flavor Text Takeaways”

New Planeswalker coming to Kaldheim

One day after we speculated whether one of the three images on the blurry MTG pack art for Kaldheim was a new planeswaker, we get direct confirmation that there will not be one new planeswaker in the set but two! Dropping officially on Wizard’s Magic site is a full article about NICO ARIS. This characterContinue reading “New Planeswalker coming to Kaldheim”

Storytime in Theros: Sharn, the Crafted

Character and article by BDC In the foothills beneath the volcanic peaks of Mount Velus, the sound of many hammers rage using the heat off the flow of lava to power their forges all working toward pleasing their god, Purphorus, by creating weapons, magic items and works of art; each outdoing the last. One particularContinue reading “Storytime in Theros: Sharn, the Crafted”

Theros Beyond Magic the Gathering

Theros has always held a special place for me in the MTG multiverse. I have a deep love for ancient Greek mythology and Magic making it into its own theme for a plane was just amazing to me. Just like with Greek mythology, the more you dug into the cards and the lore behind them, the more questions you ended up having and wanting answers too…