Gods, Planeswalkers and other creatures: Speculation for MTG’s Forgotten Realms

The hits just keep on coming, kids! Welcome back to The Magic Tavern where it’s speculation 24/7/365! This is BDC and I am beyond excited for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms coming in July this year. This is mainly because Wotc seems to be extra excited and spoilery real early! First up, Wotc went theContinue reading “Gods, Planeswalkers and other creatures: Speculation for MTG’s Forgotten Realms”

Storytime in Theros: Sharn, the Crafted

Character and article by BDC In the foothills beneath the volcanic peaks of Mount Velus, the sound of many hammers rage using the heat off the flow of lava to power their forges all working toward pleasing their god, Purphorus, by creating weapons, magic items and works of art; each outdoing the last. One particularContinue reading “Storytime in Theros: Sharn, the Crafted”

Why play Githyanki/Githzerai?

Considering these beings are one race, I decided to discuss them together.  A shared history, physiology but sporting very adverse philosophies make this strange race a cornucopia of storytelling, as well as roleplaying gold.  What makes them even more intriguing is the fact that they, along with their former masters, the mindflayers, are original toContinue reading “Why play Githyanki/Githzerai?”